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Here's what our clients are saying about our work

Karene Hartmann

Positive: Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

In working with a variety of building inspectors, I have to say Steve is not only extremely knowledgeable but HERE IS THE KEY.... He has the ability to explain clearly with analogies to the average person what is going on with the structure that is being inspected. It’s one thing to have experience, it’s another to KNOW how to communicate it, along with humility and intelligence. Steve discussed items with us in a very respectful and cordial manner, sometimes you get professionals that talk down to you or just don’t break things down to you because they think, why bother... it’s in the report. This is probably why Steve and his wife are so reputable. Also LOVE LOVE their online breakdown of the home inspection, first time ever that I actually understood every aspect of the inspection, truly a great breakdown that is so easy to read through, especially when your in contract and need to make quick decisions.


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Tom Cohen

a month ago

Positive: Quality, Responsiveness

We recently engaged Steve and SDC Home Inspections to inspect a potential home purchase. The home is large and has complex water, heating, cooling, security and electrical systems in addition to standard construction inspection challenges. It did not take more than five minutes of silently watching Steve to know that we had the right guy on the project. We watched as he decided how to approach the inspection (which included unattached buildings), begin the inspection and when and how to interact with us as possible buyers. He completed the inspection on time and left no questions unanswered. We were very pleased to have a well written report with HQ photos THAT evening after approx. 6 hrs. of on site inspection. Thanks Steve. SDC will serve your inspection needs very well.


Aaron Cooper

This is only my 2nd review ever written!

It is however, the 4th residence I have had inspected (and bought) and our experience with SDC Home Inspections was FAR ABOVE what we have had in the past with others. Steve Coats is friendly, professional, and far out of job scope helpful during the entire process! In addition, their finished report form is high quality, simple to understand, and very helpful. Simply put, they are the innovators of home inspection!

I strongly suggest you call SDC Home Inspections before anyone else. You will be very happy you did.



Jim Goodwin


Positive: Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value.  SDC does a great job. On time. Fantastic report. Solid in every way.

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