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We are a local company, not a franchise.  We work hard for you, and take pride in our work.  We feel we produce an excellent end product, and our customers go away feeling confident, educated, and well satisfied with all aspects of their experience with us.
Dannette Coats


I'm the administrative side of our operation.  I do the scheduling, financials, answer the phones, and keep the inspector on task.  

I love walks, taking the canoe out, sunshine, and to curl up with a good movie and some popcorn.  I volunteer here in our home town Sisters at Habitat for Humanity each week building a house, and love getting my nail bags on and digging in!    I can't think of anywhere else I'd rather live than in Central Oregon.  

Steve Coats


ccb # 164773     ochi # 1015

I've inspected thousands of homes, both large and small, new and old.  Commercial buildings, and multi dwellings as well.  I am the past president of COAREI.  Central Oregon Association of Real Estate Inspectors.   I am extremely thorough, and feel I have the knowledge, integrity, and some common sense thrown in as well to leave you feeling well educated.  I love to fly fish, canoe, kayak, and most of all ski.  I love my wife, my kids, my dog, and a foot of fresh powder!


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